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These are the current members of the cluster TEIB


Collaborating members

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is composed of a total of 13 members.

Working groups

The “working groups” are a figure contemplated in the Strategic Plan that allows a reduced group of agents interested in developing an initiative, activity or collaborative project to work together to face a specific, identified and common challenge. These working groups are not corporate in nature, so their operation is based on forums for debate, analysis and development of ideas or projects.

Innovation Working Group

The Innovation Working Group has the following objectives:

  1. DDefinition of anchor projects and areas of work within the framework of the TEIB Cluster..
    • Propose the creation of specific working groups for a strategic area that are considered a priority and a driving force. For example, the innovation group could propose the creation of a working group on “energy storage”, a WG on “circular economy in the energy industry”, a WG on “demand management”, etc.
  2. Share information on calls for proposals, competitions, grants for innovative projects or projects of interest to the group’s participants.


Institutional Relations

The Institutional Relations Group was created to carry out the following objectives:

  1. Propose and present, if appropriate, contributions or allegations to legal texts (RD, strategic plan, sectorial plan, etc.), which are considered appropriate to present as a sectorial group.
  2. Coordinate and participate in events and meetings with the Administration and those organizations (foundations, associations, clusters) that the Cluster’s Board of Directors has considered appropriate and, therefore, has approved.
  3. Propose the presentation, as a cluster, of possible expressions of interest (MOIs) that are published. Given that the objective of the MDIs published by the different ministries of the Spanish Government is “to ensure that the investments and aids of the Plan are in line with the needs of the business fabric and citizens”, the group could consider presenting the results of the Cluster’s Innovation WG.


Energy Transition Observatory

The Working Group of the “Observatory of the energy sector in the Balearic Islands” is created to carry out the following objectives:

  1. Definition of Energy Transition of the Balearic Islands KPIs.
    • Define the Energy Transition indicators, the methodology for their calculation, as well as for the collection of data and their method of presentation and dissemination.
    • To make the first publication of the Energy Transition indicators of the Balearic Islands in the most appropriate format.
  2. To make a description of the current situation of the energy system in the Balearic Islands.
    • Diagnostic report of the Balearic energy sector based on the analysis of the results of the first objective (TEIB KPIs).


Talent and Training

Additionally, for the next year 2023, the possible creation of a “Training and talent” working group dedicated to the identification of training and talent needs in the Balearic Islands is being considered. The creation of this group as such has not been defined in 2022, but nevertheless activities have been carried out that have brought the scientific and knowledge community closer to the business sector.



Strategic Plan and Statutes

Memorias anuales